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Saturday, February 25, 2017

7th July 2010 - President Reappoints Cabinet Ministers

President Mohamed Nasheed reappointed all thirteen Ministers of the Cabinet, at a ceremony held at the President’s Office on Wednesday afternoon.


The thirteen ministers resigned en masse on 29 June, citing attempts by some members of the People’s Majlis to usurp the powers of the executive, block government legislation in parliament and initiate no-confidence motions against ministers on spurious grounds.


The departing ministers called on the President to investigate why certain MPs were working against the government, citing allegations of bribery and corruption within the Majlis.


On 29 June, Maldives Police Service arrested two parliamentarians, Abdulla Yameen, leader of the People’s Association party and former President Gayoom’s half brother, and Gasim Ibrahim, head of the Jumhooree Party, on suspicion of bribing fellow parliamentarians to vote against the government. The two MPs are currently being held under house arrest in accordance with a judicial warrant.


Speaking at a press conference held shortly after presenting the Ministers with their letters of appointment, President Nasheed said his government would “work towards fulfilling its pledges to the Maldivian people.”


The President noted that the government has investigated the reasons why cabinet members felt they had to resign and the police have taken appropriate action. The President reiterated that only a small number of MPs are implicated in alleged corruption. “The reputation of the People’s Majlis should not be tarnished because of corruption allegations against a few parliamentarians,” the President said.


The President also confirmed that he has held talks with Thasmeen Ali MP, leader of the main opposition party, the Dhievhi Rayyithunge Party, in order to amicably resolve the current political situation.


Article 129 (a) of the Constitution states that there shall be a Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President, with responsibility for the duties and functions assigned to them by the President.


Article 129 (d) says the President shall submit to the People’s Majlis, within seven days of making appointments to the Cabinet, the names of the appointees to the Cabinet for the consent of the People’s Majlis.


The President said he sees “no valid reason” why Majlis members should not give the cabinet Ministers their consent.


The ministers appointed today include:

Mr Mohamed Shihab as Minister of Home Affairs
Mr Ali Hashim as Minister of Finance and Treasury
Dr Ahmed Shaheed as Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dr Aminath Jameel as Minister of Health and Family
Mr Ameen Faisal as Minister of Minister of Defence and National Security
Dr Musthafa Luthfee as Minster of Education
Uz Husnu Sood as Attorney General
Mr Mahmood Razi as Minister of Economic Development
Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad as Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture
Uz Hassan Latheef as Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports
Mr Mohamed Aslam as Minister of Housing and Environment
Dr Ibrahim Didi as Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari as Minister of Islamic Affairs



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